What is a Side Hustle?

Adam Hoeksema

First things first, we need some clear definitions.  So here at Side Hustle University we draw a distinct line between what we consider a “side hustle” or side business compared to a side job or gig.   

Definition of a Side Hustle

Our definition of a side hustle is - “A business started and operated on the side, in addition to a job or other consistent source of income.”

Side Hustle vs. Side Gig

Because we want to help create and support entrepreneurs, we focus on side hustles that are truly businesses and not just some extra income where you are effectively working a part time job in the gig economy.  

In order to clarify what we consider a side hustle as compared to a side gig or side job, we wanted to list some examples of what we would consider a true side hustle business and list some examples of common side gigs. 

Side Hustle Examples

We consider side hustles to be a fully functioning business, not simply an additional job.  Based on that, here are some good examples of businesses that can make for a great side hustle:

Side Gig Examples 

When it comes to side gigs we don’t consider these to be businesses, we consider these more like part time jobs where you may have the ability to just pick up an extra shift whenever you want.  Side gigs can be a nice source of additional income, but you are not building a business, you are simply trading your time for income.  Examples of common side gigs are:

We have nothing against side gigs, they can be a wonderful opportunity to generate additional income, but there just isn’t much training you need from us in order to be a successful Uber driver.  Starting a successful photography business on the side is quite different than delivering for DoorDash.  Your side hustle photography business has much more upside than a typical side gig, but it can be much more difficult.  There are 1,000 different decisions you might need to make as a true business owner in order to grow your photography business; whereas, a typical side gig is quite straightforward.  For that reason we focus our Side Hustle University training on helping create entrepreneurs focused on building a business, not just another source of income. 

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