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Simple Answers to Common Questions

What legal entity type do I choose?
How much should I charge for my product?
How do I market my idea?
How do I do taxes for a SideHustle?

Meet Our Debut Expert Side Hustler:

Adam Hoeksema

Not a day has gone by in the last 12 years that I haven't had some idea or side hustle that I was thinking about or working on.  In that time I have launched 3 software companies as side hustles.  ProjectionHub, which is a web app that helps entrepreneurs create financial projections, is where I spend most of my side hustle time today.  I love starting new things and helping others launch and grow their own side hustle.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to instruct, equip, and support entrepreneurs like you, to take that idea you have and make it a reality.

Whether that idea started as a way to earn extra income on the side or a hobby that you’ve been too shy to share with the world.

Now, Side Hustle University is here to help give you the answers and support you need to turn that hope into a Hustle!

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