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Paid Plans

For Hustlers who are likely already in action and are interested in having an experienced Side Hustler to be a sounding board, ideator, and want help navigating your specific situational questions. Two heads are better than one!
For people interested in launching a side hustle but aren't sure where to start. The package covers the fundamentals as well as creating a custom launch plan for your specific side hustle through 1-on-1 interactive sessions.
For the hustlers who don't need the live calls or the in-person check-ins, but would prefer to have access to a 24/7 virtual hotline to ask questions or get some feedback whenever needed.
Side Kick
Access to library of Course Videos
Intro 30 minute Coaching Consultation
Custom number of coaching sessions & frequency
2x 30 minute Coaching Session per Month
24/7 Access to Email Hotline for Questions
Discounts for software you may need for your business
Completed Custom Action Plan for your Side Hustle
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